The market's most cost-effective sire line and the obvious choice in a three-breed cross

Scan Sweden AB is responsible for the breeding and development of the Hampshire breed. We combine a cost-effective sire line with superior meat quality. The animals are productive and robust and they perform well in different production systems. Most of the Swedish pig producers therefore choose Scan Hampshire as the sire line.

The breeding work on Hampshire in Sweden extends over 40 years back in time, the breeding program is based on high animal welfare and our animals have a unique health status. The breeding program combines sustainable pig production with high genetic progress that strengthens the entire production chain.

We offer pig producers around the world genetics that strengthen the competitiveness of primary production and meet the high standards of the slaughter, cutting and meat industry, as well as end products that are appreciated by the consumer.

Consumers choose Scan’s pork Piggham because the meat is of the highest quality. That’s why Scan Hampshire is the perfect sire line in a three-breed cross. Scan Hampshire is in demand from consumers, whilst performing well for the pig producer.


Scan cooperates with breeders in Sweden, UK and Norway. The breeders are well motivated and engaged and follow the same routines for breeding. A large amount of data is collected every day to provide a reliable basis for breeding.

In the UK, Scan works with the breeding company JSR Genetics. According to JSR Genetics, the breed is one of the most successful sire lines they have ever worked with in the British market and the breed is superior in meat quality. Its robustness is also excellent for the UK market where a large number of pigs are raised outdoors. Our partner in Norway is called Scanpig AS and supplies the Norwegian market with Hampshire.

Improve your production today with the help of Scan Hampshire!